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Airframe construction:

So you want to build a modern experimental airplane but you do not have any previous experience working on a project of this scale and complexity. Unfortunately, any mistakes made at the beginning of the project will be carried forward and will impact the quality and airworthiness of the entire project. Building a "plans built" or a "kit built" airplane, requires jigs and fixtures. The manufacturers are not always very descriptive of the procedures and methods that are needed for a perfect result. We have the knowledge and we have all the tools and equipment you will need to build any jig or fixture.

Working with composites is eze. Thousands of builders have shown that using easily learned techniques anyone can build a flying airplane. It is also true that most builders are producing a high standard of work only towards the middle of the project. Some of the critical structures are built at a time when experience and quality are barely adequate. Many times a conscientious builder will revisit earlier work and scrap expensive components because of quality issues. We can help you get past the early stages where the learning curve is steep and where the quality needs to be at its best.

Some Kit manufacturers will provide you with the bare essentials, and will supply you with just adequate materials. We can advice you should you wish to substitute better materials. Most builders stay strictly to plans. Some stray just a little to personalize their airplane. There are many proven modifications, which have been developed by past builders in order to correct shortcomings in an original design. We can help you, should you wish to include modifications in order to improve performance or functionality. We guarantee that an airplane started and completed with the Experimental Workshop, will be as light and strong and as straight as any example of its type.

Our capabilities include:

  • Experience with moldless and pre-molded designs
  • Construction of welded fixtures and jigs.
  • Plug and mold construction for custom designed components
  • Production of vacuum bagged components
  • Design and construction of non-standard engine mounts
  • Design and implementation of fully integrated electronic flight and navigation systems.