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Sukoi aileron hinge gap seals:


These are NOT aileron gap seals, but rather, hinge gap seals. They are molded using one thin and one standard layer of bi-directional cloth. MGS epoxy resin is used for strength and stiffness.

There are two profiles available. The thinner profile is used on the Su 26 and some early Su 31's. The thicker profile is used on the later Sukoi 29 and later versions of the Su 31. Separate molds are used for each type.

A set of 12 pieces are required. The hinge gap seals are attached using silicone "RTV". Some trimming will be required. Photos show Bill Parker's SU-31 N31CY also flown by Sergey Rakhmanin, the current World Aerobatics Champion (2003). Both reported improved roll performance and reduced stick loads at full aileron deflection This aircraft in its modified form was flown by Alexander Krotov, Vladimir Popov and Oleg Shpolyanskiy, placing 3rd, 8th, and 18th respectively in the 2003 World Contest . Overall results can be found at:

Hinge gap seals also significantly reduce drag and hence improve vertical performance.


Aileron-wing gap is not changed

Old method using foam and tape

Note the larger gap

Thick and Thin Aileron gap Seal Molds




Hinge gap seals ready to install on a Su31

Seals installed with RTV and taped until fully cured

Hinge gap much tighter

Test flown by Bill Parker on the left

Sergey Rakhmanin on the right