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Velocity Jet:

  Antonio Espinal and The Experimental Workshop are currently working on the Velocity Jet.

This is one guy who loves the smell of jet fuel in the morning. He had to have a turbine engine. Nothing would dissuade him and without his commitment, this project would have stalled a long time ago. Antonio has worked on every single component and has demonstrated superb workmanship.

  Velocity-Jet s is a highly modified Velocity XL RG. The engine is a GE T58-8F turboshaft with gearbox removed and with many other modifications including a home made nozzle. Sea level static thrust is demonstrated to be 850lbs.

This particular engine was removed from the Viper Jet factory demonstrator and has accumulated over 100 hours of safe flight in its present configuration.

Click on the thumbnail images to see more photos and to learn more about some of the special features of this project.

Parts' Details:


Canard              Elevator Bearing       Trim Spring                      Gear Doors                      Wings


Winglet                       Ailerons                 Fuel Strakes                 Cowling                       Twin Dreams


Engine Mount           Intake Duct                    Instrument Panel