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C-Jet Design Study:

The c-wing concept has been extensively researched but so far there has not been a homebuilt kit aircraft designed using this concept. This design study was performed for an interested third party with the objective of producing a turbojet powered kit aircraft.

This is a single engined, pressurized aircraft with seating for six adults and a walk in cabin. The C-Jet design study included the development of at least two custom designed airfoils for each of the wing, winglet and elevator surfaces.

Flight characteristics were explored using X-plane 7.0 and will be verified with an extensive wind tunnel test program conducted by a third party. The Experimental workshop will be building the wind tunnel scale model and later the full-scale prototype.

Preliminary estimates are as follows:

 Wing Span


 Fuselage Width

 Empty weight

 Gross weight

 Useful load

 Max fuel capacity

 Stall speed at gross wt

 Cruise speed @ 35K ft

 Range with IFR reserves

34 ft

24 ft

54 inch

1800 lbs

3650 lbs

1850 lbs

1500 lbs

70 Kts

400 Kts

2500 nm

Some of the features of this configuration are as follows:

  • High internal volume for the length of the aircraft.
  • Minimum number of major assemblies.
  • Low manufacturing cost.
  • High payload to gross weight ratio.
  • Walk in cabin entry.
  • Extended CG range
  • Canard type benign stall characteristics
  • Reduced landing speed with use of slotted flaps
  • Extremely efficient aerodynamic characteristic

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Copyright Andreas P Christou 2004