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T-58 Engine Mount:

  The engine mount is welded from 4130 steel tubing of 1.25, 1, and .75 OD and .065 wall. The left and right sides are not the same. The mount allows access to critical service and adjustment points while maintaining a slim profile. From lower left to right is the fuel line, fuel pump, fuel control unit with throttle lever, and fuel filter.


  This right side view shows the oil lines at the lower front corner, and the oil cooler at the rear left. Electrical services connect at mid front for igniter, de-ice valve solenoid , temperature sensors, and tachometer (rpm) output. The mount was tack welded together on a specially made jig, and then TIG welded by an aerospace qualified welder.



  The engine rear mount point is designed to allow the engine or the mount to expand differentially. The engine slides on a 1/2-inch bolt. The valve spring arrangement allows for any differences in length. (The bolt is not tightened or safety wired yet.) The rear attach plate is made from 316 stainless and was cut by our local laser shop from 3/16-inch plate. It is bolted to the Nozzle/Power-Turbine flange with 4 bolts.



  The front of the engine mount is made from 1 1/4-inch OD tube which was mandrel bent to a semi circular arch shape. The front attach blocks (see products page at, are bolted to the intake casing with four cap screws each. The engine mount bolts to each attach block with a single 1/2-inch bolt. The mount is effectively rigid. There is no need for rubber isolation for vibration damping. There should not be any vibration at all!

There are ten compressor stages. The first five stages have variable pitch stators. In this view you can see the variable pitch stator mechanism. The actuator is on the top left side of the engine and is powered by high pressure fuel from the Fuel control unit. The engine mount has still to be painted at this stage.