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Elevator Bearings:


  The steel elevator torque tube is supposed to rotate inside a block of aluminum. There is no provision for a bearing surface and the longevity and low friction characteristics of the recommended method are suspects.



  Our solution was to use a triplet of elevator hinge brackets with a 1/4-inch bolt to carry two spherical bearings. The OD of the bearings is an exact match for the ID of the elevator torque tube. Each Elevator torque tube has the inboard end trimmed by an amount approximately equal to half the combined width of the elevator hinge brackets.



  The Elevator toque tubes are able to slip onto the spherical bearings with a snag fit and will now move with zero friction and no slack. It's a good idea to grease this bearing with non-corrosive grease.



  Note the large area washers used to retain the bearing should it experience side loads. Very redundant, I can't imagine when that might happen, but you never know!